An Instant Shower Upgrade

Whether you're showering with a partner or alone, your showers will never be the same.

Two heads are better than one

Our showerheads are custom engineered to optimize your tandem experience across three different settings - high pressure, full body, and massage.

Renters and owners alike, rejoice

Tandem Shower installs easily with no tools in under 10 min. Extend to your shower length and connect to the water.

Will Tandem fit for me?

TandemTM works with most standard shower + bathtubs. It just requires a wall-to-wall distance between 57" and 76". Also, your current shower head must come from one of the side walls, not the ceiling or center wall.Questions? Just email us!

Hear from our customers

Sam P.

Boise, ID


"I love it. When I travel I miss having the hot water hitting me on all sides."

Ry B.

Seattle, WA


"It is closer to a luxury two headed shower than I have ever gotten, or will get, without tearing out my walls and replumbing."

Rachel L.

Redmond, WA


"This product has been a game changer for us! Now I actually like showering with my husband"


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